I'm still looking for.



11月からの宙組公演、オンラインの先行チケット確保しました(詳細はこちらをご覧になってくださいませ→ <宝塚>宝塚に行ってみよう100周年のうちに行ってみよう - I'm still looking for.)。わーい!


今日はBS−TBSで雪組公演(@日生劇場)『伯爵令嬢』(TBS「宝塚歌劇 雪組公演「伯爵令嬢」」)の特集番組が流れていました。CS放送に比べたらいろんなひとにアクセスしてもらいやすいBSでの番組だから、このブログで紹介しなきゃなのに、うっかりしていました…というかお昼を食べてたら突然はじまった…ごめんなさい。







I got a ticket of the next stage by  the cosmos troupe,Takarazuka revue!
I wrote the details about this topic here→<宝塚>宝塚に行ってみよう100周年のうちに行ってみよう - I'm still looking for.

sorry for not translating to English.


today I watched this TV program (TBS「宝塚歌劇 雪組公演「伯爵令嬢」」).It's about next stage  the snow troupe in the NISSAY THEATRE, Tokyo.suddenly this program started while I was having lunch.

the top stars are Seina Sagiri(早霧せいなさん、the snow troupe, male role,the 14th grade, the 87th) and MIyu Sakihi(咲妃みゆさん、the snow troupe, female role, the 5th grade,the 96th). They are the top of the snow troupe just from 1st,Sep. So this is the 1st stage for this top stars. how nice and dreamy  the poster and the PR short movie, it's a stratagem by the producer Hirokazu Ikuta(生田大和さん). the producer knows what the audience want to watch in the Takarazuka and he is good at playing a yoyo.

plus, I believe the name "Corinne" (the role name by Miyu Sakihi) is one of the cutest names in the world (yeah I just noticed "Corinne"'s last e is silent so it's not コリンヌ but near to コヒン in Japanese)I wonder my material growth was completed already. in contrast, the dreamy small girl in my heart is getting more and more active nowadays. Since I accessed to the Takarazuka revue I had noticed the girl can enjoy her days and I should let my heart free...so honestly I want to name myself "Corinne". I just have wanted to name myself "Sapphire" but the "Corinne" is a strong rival...and I really looking forward to seeing the topstars "chigi-miyu" (Seina Sakihi and MIyu Sakihi pair).