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<Takarazuka>"Elisabeth" my closing day

My closing day came early! (Elisabeth by the flower troupe, the Takarazuka revue will last until 22nd September in  Takarazuka city, Hyogo prefecture). Elisabeth seems soooo much popular, it was soooo hard to get the tickets. I don't have enough tickets,enough eyes and enough arms.  I wonder if I had 4 eyes (one for my favorite Takarasienne (Takarasienne is the performer in the Takarazuka revue), one for the center, one for the right stage,and one for the left stage), and 8 arms (I will be able to clap my hands with keeping opera glasses).


though(though?) today I'm going to list 3 shining Takarasienne in the flower troupe, I haven't mention yet.

First, Rin Taiga (大河凛さん、male role, 8th year in the revue). she plays Madame wolf.Madame wolf by Rin Taiga is coquettish and looks like she knows secrets of serious people and Rin taiga is a good singer. She appears in the scene of dining,Act 2, I am busiest in this scene! I have to see Lucheni by Futo Nozomi (望海風斗さん、male role, 12nd year), Madeleine by Maito Minami (水美舞斗さん、male role, 5th year), and Rai Yugiri(夕霧らいさん、male role, 13th year). busy busy me.then the audiene can notice easily that the scene's leader is Madame wolf by Rin Taiga.

Second, Mitsuki Haryu (羽立光来さん、male role, 7th year). I'm sure she will be more outstanding in the near future because she is taller and manly (I don't know which expression is correct) like Toa Serika (芹香斗亜さん、male role, 8th year), Suzuho Makaze (真風涼帆さん、male role, 9th year). I want to cheer her.
Third, Kazuya Seto (瀬戸かずやさん、male role, 11st year)! she was so handsome today. I know she was already handsome but today she was more handsome.


Lucheni by Futo Nozomi (my favorite Takarasienne) was so nice today too. He (she)doesn't blink after he killed Sissi! she doesn't see stairs while going down! in a scene he derides Rudolf's imagination with tapping the wall...scary, scary if Lucheni was next to me ( even on the stage I'm scared of him)...scary even with his so smoothy voice...I'm sure to get this Elisabeth DVD.