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I checked out the digest of 伯爵令嬢 by the snow troupe,Takarazuka revue...!




my heart is beating fast... I am caught in a trap by Hirokazu Ikuta the scriptwriter...I want to check not only the play but also the comics

Seina Sagiri(早霧せいなさん・the new top star in the snow troupe (male role)) is so cool I've already know. I've seen her as Mercutio (from "Romeo and Juliet" '11 the snow troupe)and Vaslav (from "Nijinsky" '11 the snow troupe) .and I've already know too that Miyu Sakihi (咲妃みゆさん・the new top star in the snow troupe (female role)) identifies herself with the roles. Satoko from "春の雪" written by Yukio Mishima and Sotoori-Hime from "月雲の皇子" was so good.

But I hadn't known that the power of their synergism...!!

this is the effect that new top "pair"...?(this is my first time I see a new top pair)

they are so fresh that I want to tackle Seina Sagiri ( I just can imagine that but I can never do that cus she is so bright)


Please come to the Umeda theatre and play there too! I have no ticket...

(plus, Nini the cat looks like a character from the parque espana in Ise shima)