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<宝塚><内心>エリザベート白昼考察英語ver. (my view of Takarazuka revue "Elisabeth")

in a TV program which the stars in the Takarazuka revue talks about their own play, Hana Ranno(the top female role in the flower troupe (the revue has 5 troupes) said that  her father Rin Yuma(the male role from the superior (she doesn't belong to any troupes) was kind to her.


but honestly I felt creepy to listen her father is singing "this marriage is fault, she (her daughter =sissi=Elisabeth) chose the wrong answer".Der Tod (god of death who fall in love to sissi) is cuter and trustful. I can understand Sophie (franz's mom) disagrees with this marriage but sissi's dad, your behave is strange. why you (sissi likes you most in your family) just left her in the "wrong marriage"? ...I started to think about this situation...”Sophie and Franz” is one pair and "Sissi and Rudolf" is one pair too...both boy has strong relationship with his mom (at least they want that relationship). Moreover, "Father and Sissi" is a pair and so is " Sissi and Redolf". maybe Sissi's dad is uncomfort in his house and run away to his hobbys (traveling and hunting) . he is not responsible even in the Helen's formal marriage interview and in the Sissi's marriage. And Sissi is not responsible neither to her son, Rudolf.even she is just one person who can take care of him after he left from Sophie. he is so lonely that he tries to kill cats.

so the same type of the person was reproducted. this is the first point,

and next, Der Tod is God of death but he can't judge Sissi's mind. he appers in front of her and just sing a song,that's all. why he can't? he is god of death....maybe he has no power to read humans' mind.

Lucheni is the "Italian, terrorist" so he regards his murder as one terrorism. he hopes what he did will be regarded as a revolution or at least a bad big incident.  so he insists his murder is a kind of revolution by un grande amour ofDer tod. but Der tod ( I don't know he exists or just Lucheni's imagination made him) can not even read his " sweet baby". then I wonder he has no power to make her marriage held in the evening and make the people join the movement neither.   

I heard that the Takarazuka revue arranged this musical so the love of Der Tod is a big point in this story. however in this Takarazuka's musical, Del Tod's power is small, I think.

the reproduction of humans which makes same mistakes is the reason the House of habsburg. Changes in a society always happen in the big wave of the "time",don't that?However Lucheni is the terrorist,so he want to think that "HIS JUST ONE MURDER CHANGES EVERYTHING", because of his murder, Der Tod get the Sissi's neverchanging love and the House of habsburg lost the muse and essentialy disapperd. my view is strange? I don't know.
in the ending scene, Sissi looks like she loves Der Tod but it makes us feel a little bit strange. when she got fallin' love with him too? 

in my opinion this ending is also happening in Lucheni's imagination. because he ,the terrorist, believes his murder is a revolution and the only one revolution changed the world.the ending scene is his expection.

plus, it means that the audience is staying in the world Lucheni made by his imagination for 2 and half hours.

plus plus in the "elisabeth by the flower troupe, Futo Nozomi plays as Lucheni ( she is my favorite Takarasienne (the revue's performer)).

Yeah I know I don't have to explain everything


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